Dr. Mrs. G.K. Bedi (Director)
Dr. G. K. Bedi is a Post Graduate in Obstetrics & Gynae is also an Infertility Specialist. She has been in this field for more than 18 years & has attained a high level of expertise & experience in the field of infertility after having successfully conducted numerous IVF cycles, IUI, Laproscopic procedures with success rates matching international standards.

A pioneer in the field of infertility treatment, she regularly conducts seminars, workshops, CME’s regularly. Her articles also feature in the leading newspapers & magazines of India.

Dr. R.S. Bedi
A pediatrician is a post graduate in Neonatology & Pediatrics. He is in the field with an experience of more than 20 years, & runs a well equipped new born care center for babies at the Bedi Infertility Center.

Himanshu Patel (Embryologist)
Trained at UK & Jordan in different aspects of embryology, he has contributed to a number of IVF & ICSI babies in India and abroad. He is also a eminent speaker & moderator at national & international seminars. He is a internationally known embryologist & consultant to various centers across India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh & Nepal.

Dr. Col. V.K. Kapoor (Urologist / Specialist – Male Infertility)
Dr. Kapoor is a post graduate & an Ex. professor of the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune with more than 30 years of experience behind him. He is a highly acclaimed Urologist & Androloglist for male infertility disorders & has a special interest in erectile dysfunctions.

Medical staff

Bedi’s Infertility Center has a visiting consultants, resident counselor, highly trained & professional laboratory staff & resident doctors on its rolls, thus ensuring a comprehensive, state of art facility for infertility treatment. Bedi’s Infertility Center is also equipped with the latest & most modern equipment for the treatment of patients.

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