Each woman, especially during labor, experiences and tolerates pain differently. For some women, focused breathing is all they need to get through labour and childbirth. For others, numbing of the pain is desired. Though we encourage women to practice breathing techniques to ease the process, some may require specific pain relief methods. We offer various pain relief methods such as epidural, analgesia and entonox.

There are a number of different medications a woman can take during labour and childbirth. It is important to learn about the different pain relief options available and then make an informed decision. We recommend that you discuss the options with your consultant Obstetrician well in advance so that when you are in labour, you understand the choices.

Remember, you are the only one who knows exactly how you feel, so decisions regarding the control of your labour pain must be made specifically by you. Moreover, do not worry about the safety of the medicine. All medications provided during childbirth are considered safe for both you and your baby.

In case you have further questions, please feel free to discuss with your consultant Obstetrician.

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