At Bedi Hospital, you will have access to a host of resources which will help you develop a healthy diet and good practices based on your specialized nutrition requirements during this period.

During Pregnancy

nutrition during pregnancy
  1. A complete session focused on nutrition during the Antenatal Classes
  2. Nutritional interventional practices for

    • Gestational diabetes
    • Pregnancy-induced hypertension
    • Increased weight gain
    • Impaired glucose tolerance
    • Gestational diabetes + pregnancy-induced hypertension
    • Weight reduction regime for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, with or without added medical complaints


Pediatricians in Chandigarh
  1. Weaning Practices and ideal weaning foods depending on the age of baby
  2. Childhood-onset of obesity
  3. Improved nutritional status of kids with eating disorders

Postnatal Services

Postnatal Nutrition Services
  1. Improving breast milk supply through changes in diet, especially in cases of drastic reduction of supply
  2. Effective dieting practices for getting back in shape

Bedi Hospital includes a section where the nutrition support recommended for lactating mothers is highlighted with a bird’s eye-view on weaning foods.

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