Bedi Hospital Level 3 NICU – Advanced Newborn Care Unit

We are providing highest level of care available to newborn in our facility. In our level 3 NICU we care for newborn babies.

  • Who are born prematurely (as early as 26 weeks)
  • Who are extremely low birth weight ( as low as 600g)
  • Who are critically ill
  • Who have birth defects
  • Who require ventilation
  • Who need neonatal surgeries

We provide these services - 24 x 7 x 365 days with our qualified experienced neonatologists / paediatricians, trained neonatal nurses & latest equipments (state of the art).

Not all NICU’S Are Same

Level 1
Regular nursery care for newborns, phototherapy etc – available at most maternity centres

Level 2
Basic ventilation like CPAP, iv fluids – intensive care

Level 3
Sustained life support – Advanced ventilation – HFOV, Neonatal surgeries – BEDI HOSPITAL NICU

We are proud to announce that we are having highest level of neonatal care available in the region, providing world class expertise with cutting edge technology to treat complex conditions affecting newborns.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, affordable, scientifically proven & ethical treatments with tender loving care.

Our Motto

Quality care for newborns

Facilities in Our NICU

  • 7 Bedded NICU – septic nursery
  • Open care warmers/ monitors
  • Basic ventilation – CPAP, NON INVASIVE VENTILATION
  • Advanced ventilation – HFOV ( High frequency)
  • LED phototherapy
  • Centralised heating – HEPA filters (AHU)
  • 24 x 7 Laboratory/ X ray & ultrasound
  • NICU on wheels – fully equipped with transport incubators, CPAP, Monitors & syringe pump

Focussed On Your Baby

Round the clock - dedicated neonatologists/ paediatricians
Neonatal nurse - one nurse for each sick baby

Every Second Counts

Planning for NICU: Why you need NICU back up

Approximately 1 in 10 babies born will need neonatal intensive care, which means complications are possible even in the most normal pregnancies.

EVERY DELIVERY IS ATTENDED BY A PEDIATRICIAN - because we understand that first minute of life is the most crucial period for newborn survival & quality of life.

In case of emergency - we don’t want you to run around for neonatal care.

A team of paediatrician/obstetrician plan & prepare for every delivery in advance so that we don’t lose time at time of emergency situation

Follow up

After discharge – BEDI HOSPITAL offers follow up services for HIGH RISK INFANT at our Neurodevelopmental clinic for NICU Graduates

  • Developmental assessment – periodically
  • Hearing screen
  • Visual screening – ROP screen
  • Early intervention therapy – early stimulation

Specialised Transport Services – 24 x 7

Highly trained transport team - paediatrician + Neonatal nurse
NICU on wheels – fully equipped - transport incubators, CPAP, Monitors, syringe pump
Transporting any baby across the region - Tricity, Haryana, H.P, Punjab etc

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