Pre Conceptual Clinic

Some situations hold back a woman’s chances of conceiving and some, her ability to bear the child till it is completely developed. This clinic is geared to set right these complications at an early stage. Further, a thorough check up is done to detect any ailment such as diabetes, heart problems, and the like. Diagnosis, treatment and advice are offered to stabilise the would-be mother before pregnancy. Women with problems like myoma, septum, polycystic ovary, endometriosis are assessed and treated. Also, expecting mothers who have taken to drugs, smoking and drinking are counselled on its repercussions on pregnancy.

Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic

Miscarriage is a painful experience. Women who have had more than one miscarriage or poor obstetric outcome are taken care of before and during pregnancy and also in the post pregnancy stage. Besides ultra sound techniques, the latest developments in the field of medicines used are prescribed in the clinic.

High Risk Pregnancy Care

The high risk pregnancy care targeted at women with complications in pregnancy involves weekly focused care, bio-metry, ultra sound scan/Doppler study with combined medical obstetric care and non-stress tests to give the would-be mother a problem free delivery. Also, optimum neo natal support is offered. Parent crafting-instructions to the parents about antenatal, postnatal care and also breast-feeding are offered.

Walk-In Gynaecological Clinic

This clinic aims at providing a total solution in one visit. Here, an extensive examination of the conditions during the reproductive years is carried out. Hystereoscopy, endometrial biopsy, ultra sound and endocrine profile are offered.

Paediatric Gynaecology

Growing children have problems associated with reproductive system. As this is a sensitive stage in the child’s life, the emphasis is on counselling to reassure children of the joys of these years. In addition, stress is laid on the co-operative role of parents.

Adolescent Gynaecology

Menarche, menstrual disturbance and similar problems need a supplement to medication. Adolescents are counselled on the significance of hygiene, birth control: its various methods and also on the hazards of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

Genetic Service In Antenatal Clinic

Here, a detailed study of the individual cases, analysis of the periferal/blood chorion villus sampling/amniotic fluid sampling and cord blood sampling is carried out. Foetal assessment is useful in detecting heart abnormality and in general, detects any high risk in the pregnancy. By careful foetus assessment, healthy babies can be salvaged. In other cases, timely medical intervention can be introduced.

These services are useful in detecting :

  • Ambiguous genitalia
  • Primary and secondary amenorrhoea
  • Recurrent abortions
  • Chromosomal syndromes
  • Conception beyond 35 years of age
  • Previous child with chromosomal anomaly
  • Parents with balanced translocations
  • Abnormal serum marker
  • Certain cases involve molecular biology markers for Duchenes/Thalassemia/Sickles

Also physiotherapy classes are conducted where mothers are taught antenatal and postnatal exercises to keep themselves fit.

With our dedicated in-house facilities including a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with advanced technology as well as a comprehensive range of pregnancy support classes and complementary therapies, our range of maternity services are unrivalled.

Once your baby is born, we offer evidence based advice on feeding and caring for the baby, postnatal exercises and paediatric services such as newborn screening tests and hearing tests, in addition to daily visits from a paediatrician.

Menorrhagia Clinic

This specialises in treating menstrual disturbances. Cases that do not respond to medicines are treated usually with hysterectomy. Currently, non-invasive technique of thermal ablation and insertion of hormone-loaded loop etc., which are day care procedures, are also offered.


Menopause is indeed the most difficult phase of a woman’s life, primarily due to the hormonal changes. EPMC uses the current modalities to smoothen this phase and give her a graceful entry into the later stage of womanhood. Part of the investigations are bone densitometry, mammogram, necessary blood assays and pelvic ultra sound. The treatment is reviewed every 6 months. Also, counselling is provided to the couple for an enhanced understanding of each other and to cope up with each other.

Fertility Clinic

This clinic facilitates hormonal assessment, pelvic ultra sound using vaginal probe and supplemented by laparo-hysteroscopy, if necessary. The Andrology clinic undertakes an assessment of the semen samples of the male partner. On the lines of these analyses, the most appropriate treatment is followed for both the partners. The treatment involves drugs to induce ovulation, timed sexual intercourse and Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI). In cases of failed IUI, the clinic liases with national and international test tube baby centres for further treatment.

Family Planning & Contraception Clinic

This clinic in particular counsels on the importance of Family Planning. Also the various means of birth control: the permanent and temporary methods and surgical termination of pregnancy are offered. ‘Birth by Choice and Not by Chance’ is the main campaign.

Total Health Screening

Following the old aphorism, ‘prevention is better than cure,’ the clinic advises women annual check-up. Tests include a complete blood profile, ultra sound of pelvis, mammography and bone densitometry if indicated.

Endocrinology/ Obesity Clinic

Here, a detailed clinical and endocrinological evaluation for obesity is undertaken. Dietician’s inference is accounted and drugs, exercise, reiki, and yoga therapy, if necessary are prescribed. Depending on the case, plastic surgery referral is also arranged.

Cancer Screening

A step towards overcoming the dreaded disease cancer is the examination of the healthy to detect cancer at an early stage. Gynaec cancer screening is offered at this clinic. This screening involves clinical examination, ultra sound scanning, study of the PAP smear, and mammography along with blood tests. If cancer is detected, the case is referred to a team of Oncologists of national and international repute.

Laboratory Facilities

The laboratory offers basic blood biochemistry, hormonal assays, histopathological examination and semen analysis and semen processing. The laboratories are managed by certified lab technicians. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest analysers and support endocrinological tests and radio bioassay.

Foetal Assessment Unit

The foetal assessment unit is equipped with the gynaec scanner / foetal biophysical monitor, which is very essential to monitor the foetus at various stages of its growth.

Diagnostic Ultra Sound Clinic

The clinic offers latest ultrasound scanning with built in computerised recorder and reports. Highly qualified sonologists with extensive experience at tertiary level monitor the scanning centre.

Scanning facilities offered:

  • Early pregnancy scans
  • Base line scans to check pelvic organs
  • Gynaec and abdominal scans for pelvic mass
  • Scans for dating pregnancy
  • Anomaly scans
  • Foetus grown scans
  • Biophysical scans to investigate pelvic pain
  • Scan for detecting tubal pregnancy
  • Cancer screening
  • Antenatal biophysical profile
  • Follicular study evaluation
  • Genetic studies like interventional amniocentesis, chorion villows sampling

In cases of high-risk pregnancy, infertility and cancer, Doppler flow study is done.

Bedi’s Maternity Unit includes spacious and comfortable LDRs – Labour, Delivery and Recovery rooms and state-of-the-art Operation Theatres:

  • Labor Delivery Recovery (LDR) Rooms: Bedi Hospital’s LDR’s – Labour, Delivery and Recovery rooms – provide mothers-to-be a homelike atmosphere. Thanks to our LDR, expectant mothers are no longer required to be moved from one place to another and can experience an uninterrupted birthing process for the duration of the labor, delivery, and recovery period. Designed to provide the feel of home, each LDR is furnished with an advanced multipurpose bed and all the equipment necessary for a safe and comfortable delivery. Mothers-to-be can even bring along their favourite music and we will play it for them during labour to help them relax!
  • Operation Theatres:  Our state-of-the-art OTs have the latest technology to perform requisite procedures. They are equipped to handle any complications, ensuring the well being of both mother and child. The high level of infection control maintained in the OT ensures faster recovery for patients. At Bedi Hospital, our standard practice is to have a Paediatrician present with the Obstetrician during a C section, to ensure the best outcome for the newborn. Our unmatched infant survival rate of 99.72% is a testament to our high standards of care.

Nutrition Services

At Bedi Hospital, you will have access to a host of resources which will help you develop a healthy diet and good practices based on your specialized nutrition requirements during this period. Read more…

Feotal Medicine / 4D Imaging

With foetal medicine emerging as an independent speciality, we have created a specialized foetal medicine unit to monitor high risk pregnancies by focusing on the special needs of the baby and performing interventions, if needed, whilst in the womb. Read more…


We offer a range of physiotherapy services during pregnancy and also related to gynaecological and paediatric issues. Read more…

Care at Home

The first look at your new baby is a heady feeling that puts you on Bedi Hospital as soon as you get the news! Holding a part of you close to your heart is certainly one of the most fulfilling and blissful moments you may experience.  Read more…

Pain Relief

Each woman, especially during labor, experiences and tolerates pain differently. For some women, focused breathing is all they need to get through labour and childbirth. For others, numbing of the pain is desired.  Read more…

Although we emphasize the many benefits of keeping mother and baby together during the postpartum period, our newborn nursery is available should you need time alone. Please inform your nurse of your needs for nursery services so that she can plan your care during your stay with us.

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