Fetal Medicine

Fetal Medicine

What it means? 
Fetal medicine is a new upcoming field in the care of pregnant women. This aims at detecting problems in the fetus. Treating them in utero if possible or abort in time to avoid the birth of abnormal or handicapped children.

Who are suitable candidates?

  • All pregnant females
  • Older age women
  • Women with history of previous abnormal baby
  • Women with genetic diseases in family on either maternal or paternal side
  • Rh -ve isoimmunised women

Who should not get fetal medicine check-up and advice?
No pregnancy should be devoid of the benefits.

What are its main procedures?

  • Biochemical screening for Down’s syndrome
  • Detailed ultrasound for malformations and other genetic abnormalities
  • Amniocentesis
  • Chorionic villous biopsy
  • Cordocentesis
  • Intrauterine transfusion
  • Vessel ablation
  • Multi-fetal pregnancy reduction
  • Genetic testing on various materials


  • Timely Detection and abortion of abnormal babies
  • Treatment of Rh -ve isoimmunised babies
  • Confirmatory diagnostic tests
  • Multifetal pregnancy reduction


  • Cost and non-availability of experts