1. How do I choose my doctor?

You can go through the entire list of our panel of doctors who are carefully selected and brought on board only if they meet our high standards. Our team of more than 40 obstetric consultants are all independent practitioners who have undergone a rigorous process of assessment prior to gaining admitting privileges at Bedi Hospital. This involves evaluating their background, experience and qualifications, and ensuring that they maintain their high standard of practice.

2. Is it very expensive?

We can guarantee that our packages are the most affordable amongst hospitals that offer comparable services. Moreover, we do not increase the cost of various services based on the type of room chosen, they remain the same.

3. Do you accept insurance patients?

We do accept insurance patients and encourage you to meet our personnel if you have any queries regarding the same before delivery.

4. Do you have Stemcell banking collection facilities at Bedi Hospital?

Yes, in an endeavour to enhance customer convenience at Bedi Hospital, we have started the initiative Cryonine - a stem cell banking product in association with Life Cell. Cryonine is formed to safeguard the interest of moms-to-be who want clarity on which cord blood bank to choose and hence can avoid being harassed by many different cord blood banks. Bedi Hospital ensures it supports couples to make the right decision and backs them with high service levels.

5. Is it a pure Maternity hospital?

Bedi Hospitalis dedicated to women and children. We deal with any kind of woman and child health issue and not just maternity. Our experienced gynaecologists are adept at addressing any gynaecological issues and surgeries. Our specialist paediatric services are also well-recognized.

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