The couples experiencing infertility dive through a wide range of emotions during the phase. Some phases may be found below:

  • Fear of losing acceptance of spouse or thier in-laws.
  • Anger towards the partner.
  • Anger towards infertility or cursing their fate.
  • Anger at the inequity of infertility treatments. In most cases women carry most of the burden that men do.
  • Frustration over treatments that don’t guarantee a baby, after spending a great deal of emotional energy, time and money.
  • Desire to fight back & gain control over the process.
  • Increased sensitivity & vulnerability.
  • Frustration at the inability to make short & long term plans.
  • Blaming oneself- “Perhaps I don’t deserve to have a child” or “If only we’d done this or that, then we’d have a baby”.


With the passage of time sex loses its regular pleasurable & feel more like a routine. Your partner & you may become aware of the loss of spontaneity, as medical procedures, temperature charts & sex on schedule together can take away the joy out of your life.

These feelings can affect your sex life, but it is important to remember that “together” you wade through difficult times. Keep yourself engaged in activities, spend more time together outside the bedroom & try to keep the humor in your life. Remember that your life together is rich & varied & its solely not defined by the ability to conceive.

Way How Your Partner Can Help

As a life partner try to care about your spouse & understand if & how infertility is adversely affecting your relationship. Infertility is best approached together as a team & it requires commitment of both partners. Here are some of the ways in which you can support your partner during this difficult phase.

  • Be A Good Listener
  • Be Sensitive towards your parther
  • Be Patient and try to understand others feelings
  • Stay Informed
  • Do things together as a Couple
  • Never get carried away with swarms of anger

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