Contraction Calculator

5 essential things about contractions

True Labor False Labor
Timing Your contractions will happen consistently and get closer and closer together Your contractions will be irregular and have no pattern of occurrence.
Duration Your contractions will last anywhere between 30-70 seconds, getting gradually longer. Your contractions will occur for various lengths of time, without consistency.
Intensity The intensity of your contractions will continually increase as time progresses. Your contractions will have no consistent progression of intensity.
Sensation You will feel contractions radiating in your lower back and upper abdomen. You may feel contractions in your lower abdomen without the radiating sensation.
Effect Your level of activity will have no effect on your contractions, and you may be unable to speak to others or laugh at jokes while they occur. Your contractions can change with your level of activity, and you will not have as much difficulty interacting with those around you.